Our training environment is designed for your development. Everyone works as a team to build confidence in a safe and friendly atmosphere. As a team we all help and learn from each other.

Training Etiquette refers to our standards of care, discipline and set club rules.

For Kung Fu training you will be given our Code of Honour PDF

For BJJ/MMA training you will be given our Grappling Training Manual PDF

General Points to Note –

Be respectful to others.

Please be clean when you come to class.

All training Gear must be clean for each class

No food in the training hall

Bring your own water bottle.

Please bring a towel.

No Jewellery while training.

Listen to the instructors teaching.

Please do not talk when instructors are teaching.

Wear the correct training gear as directed.

If you are late or leaving early, please just let the instructor know.

Pay respect before sparring via a bow or handshake